When it comes to competitive exams in India, SSC CGL holds a prominent place due to the diverse job opportunities it provides. This exam throws open the doors to a stable and flourishing future for relentless aspirants. As they begin their preparation, getting a clear understanding of the ‘SSC CGL Post List‘ is of paramount importance. Our comprehensive guide articulates the significance of each post under SSC CGL. We aim to help aspirants gain clarity about the best post in SSC CGL, so that they may align their efforts to secure their desired positions.

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Types of Posts Under SSC CGL

The SSC CGL examination offers a variety of job positions to cater to the diverse skills and aspirations of candidates. Here’s an overview of the different types of posts available:

  • Group B Non-Gazetted Posts
  • Group B Gazetted Posts
  • Group C Posts

Group B Non-Gazetted Posts:

These are positions that do not hold the authority to sign any government document independently and are not considered high-ranking. They include Assistant, Inspector, Sub-Inspector, and more.

Group B Gazetted Posts:

These positions have more authority and are considered higher in the hierarchy. They include Assistant Audit Officer, Assistant Accounts Officer, and more.

Group C Posts:

Group C posts are primarily clerical positions and are often considered as lower-tier jobs. They include Auditor, Tax Assistant, and more.

Comprehending the SSC CGL All Post List

The multitude of posts under SSC CGL could be distinguished based on the groups they belong to, work profiles, and hierarchies. The following table is a focusing lens on ssc cgl all post :

AAssistant Audit OfficerIndian Audit & Accounts Dept
AAssistant Accounts OfficerIndian Audit & Accounts Dept
BInspector (Examiner)Central Board of Indirect Taxes
BInspector (Preventive Officer)Central Board of Indirect Taxes
CInspector of Income TaxCBDT
DTax AssistantCBDT/CBEC

Remember, these are just a few examples. An all-encompassing SSC CGL post list has more than 30 positions spread across various government departments.

Best Post in SSC CGL: A Closer Look

It is subjective to label a single post as the best post in SSC CGL because it depends on an individual aspirant’s career objectives, lifestyle preferences, and long-term goals. Below are a few posts that are often deemed the best due to the job security, job profile, and opportunities they offer:

  • Assistant Audit Officer (AAO): This is the only Gazetted post under the SSC CGL exam. It provides immense growth opportunities, both financially and hierarchy-wise.
  • Inspector (Preventive Officer): With the perk of having a uniform, this post is best suited for individuals who prefer an active job rather than a desk job.
  • Inspector of Income Tax: This post offers great respect in society, along with a chance to indulge in high-profile tax evasion investigation cases.

Sweeping View of Posts Under SSC CGL

SSC CGL is a gateway to a plethora of posts. The significant posts under ssc cgl range from Group ‘A’ officers with considerable decision-making power to Group ‘D’ posts involving basic clerical duties.

To excel in the exam, understanding each post, the responsibilities it entails, and the work environment is important. Aspirants should prioritize their choices based on their aptitude, skill sets and lifestyle preferences.

SSC CGL Highest Post: The Apex Position

The highest post in terms of grade pay, power, and prestige is the ssc cgl highest post – the Assistant Audit Officer and Assistant Accounts Officer. They possess a Grade Pay of 4800 and are considered Group ‘B’ Gazetted officers. These posts lead to highly rewarding careers within the Indian Audit & Accounts Department.


The SSC CGL exam indeed offers bright career prospects. SSC CGL aspirants need to heed the SSC CGL post list to tailor their preparation accordingly. The knowledge of each post’s intricacies allows the candidate to understand what benefits, duties, and responsibilities each job entails. Aspirants can then make an informed decision about the pursuit of their Government service dreams.


How many posts are there in SSC CGL?

There are over 30 posts available under SSC CGL, spread across various government departments. Each post carries different responsibilities, grade pay, and career growth opportunities.

Which SSC CGL post offers the fastest career growth?

The Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) and Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO) are considered to offer excellent career growth. They are the only gazetted posts under SSC CGL and offer significant opportunities for promotion and advancement.

What is the work profile like for an Inspector of Income Tax?

The Inspector of Income Tax has a diverse range of tasks, ranging from assessing, verifying, and processing IT records of individuals & businesses, to conducting raids in cases of high-profile tax evasion.

How does the choice of post affect an SSC CGL aspirant’s preparation strategy?

Certain posts under SSC CGL demand specialized knowledge. For example, if you are aiming for the Assistant Audit Officer post, it would be beneficial to have a good grounding in finance and economics. Thus, your choice of a post should guide your study strategy.

What are the parameters to judge the best post in SSC CGL?

They vary based on individual career goals, personal interests, desired lifestyle, and work environment. However, general criteria can include job security, salary, post hierarchy, opportunities for advancement, work-life balance, and social prestige.

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