Aiming for the highly sought-after Assistant Loco Pilot position in the Chennai zone? Mastering the RRB ALP exam is crucial, and understanding the cut-offs is your key to informed preparation. While cut-offs fluctuate based on various factors, analyzing the 2018 data for the Chennai zone offers valuable insights for your 2024 attempt.

The official 2018 cut-offs, categorized by category (UR, SC, ST, OBC), are available on the RRB Chennai website. These numbers provide a concrete benchmark to strive for. But remember, preparation doesn’t end there! Delving into RRB ALP Previous Year Papers, specifically those from 2018, allows you to experience the actual difficulty level and identify areas needing improvement. Practicing with these papers under timed conditions simulates the real exam, helping you refine your time management skills and build confidence.

CategoryCBT 2 Cut off 2018
UR Ex-SM40.73218
SC Ex-SM50.19338
ST Ex-SM48.80565
OBC ExSM30.88233

Check RRB ALP CBT 2 Cut off for all Zones.

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